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How to use your iPhone to control the lights on your house

An iPhone could soon be controlling the lights in your home, as part of a technology developed by a US startup.

The iPhone app ‘Smart Access Control’, created by startup AppleInsider, uses sensors to measure the position of lights and adjusts the lights accordingly to give you control of the lights when the alarm goes off.

AppleInsiders chief technology officer Dan Riccio said in a blog post that the app uses “light sensing to control all of the LED lights in a house, as well as other lighting devices and smart home appliances”.

It will be launched in the UK and Canada on Wednesday.

The app uses a sensor to measure where the lights are and adjusts them according to the time, location and the volume of the alarm.

The app will also show you the status of any other devices connected to the house, such as a television and a lamp.

It can also tell you when the light switches are active.

“We are using a sensor that measures the position, distance and brightness of all of these lighting devices, and we can control them using voice commands,” Ricciello said.

“The app will automatically update itself to the new position and brightness, and will also alert you when a new light switch is active.”

The app can also be used to turn on or off lights on or around your home.

The Smart Access Control app will be available to download from AppleInsights website on Wednesday, but it is not yet available to use in India.

“We have been working with a lot of partners to make this a reality, and to make sure that it’s really easy for people to use this in their home,” Ricciosaid.

“We have also partnered with the UK’s SmartThings platform to enable this to work.”

AppleInsiders founder Michael Sivak said he hopes that the technology will be used for “smart home” automation, “not just home automation”.

The company’s CEO also said that AppleInsides iPhone app will work with Apple Watch apps to make it easier to control lights on the wrist.

“With this app, we can turn on lights on a watch, then turn on the lights off and then turn the lights back on without having to worry about switching out the light bulbs in the room,” he said.


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