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Network Access Control Training Netgear, Comcast, AT&T agree to a net neutrality agreement

Netgear, Comcast, AT&T agree to a net neutrality agreement

Netgear and Comcast agreed Wednesday to a deal to implement an agreement to end the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s so-called “net neutrality” regulations, which prohibit ISPs from blocking or discriminating against websites, apps, and content.

The FCC voted to impose the regulations in 2015, after years of heated debate.

Under the deal, ISPs would not be allowed to block or throttle access to websites, while also requiring Internet service providers to give consumers more choices.

The FCC will also require ISPs to provide more choices for consumers and to disclose more information about their practices.

“This agreement represents the strongest and most transparent approach to protecting the Internet we’ve seen to date, including our ability to better serve the consumer,” FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement.

“The FCC’s net neutrality rules will continue to protect consumers and businesses, and it is critical for all parties to implement these rules.”

Netgear Chairman John Chambers said in the statement that he was pleased to work with Comcast to bring Netgear into the net neutrality fold.

He added: “We are excited to work together on the net-neutrality rules, which are a vital piece of our future.”

The two companies said they will continue their work together in support of the public interest and net neutrality.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Netgear Chairman and CEO John Chambers are both also part of a bipartisan group of commissioners to work on the FCC’s rules.

Netgear has a network of more than 100 million customers and more than 70,000 employees across the U .

S., according to its website.


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