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How to change the size of your gym membership box

A few years ago, a friend was giving a presentation to her friends and family.

It was the first time she’d ever used a personal trainer to help with fitness, but she’d heard of many online groups offering similar services.

It wasn’t long before a friend asked what they had to do.

“Well, I mean, what if I had a gym membership?” she asked. 

The response was a moment of pure amazement. 

“You can change the box size?” 


“Then you can just fill it with all the things you want!” 

She knew right away that this was a brilliant idea.

A gym membership was one of the most commonly-used forms of access control for fitness in the world. 

But the issue is that a box doesn’t actually hold the actual exercise equipment.

It just contains the gym’s logo, sign, and a small barcode.

There are a few options to change that, but one of them has a lot of drawbacks. 

One option is to change what you see in the box.

The most common method is to make your gym a member, which lets you enter your gym’s address, payment information, and more.

It’s not a huge step, but it does make it easier to manage. 

Another option is simply to make the box smaller.

This is a method that is easier to follow and a less-cost-effective one, but there are plenty of reasons why this isn’t a great solution. 

This is an excerpt from my new book, The Power of Small Things.


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