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How to keep your children safe online

The Canadian government is warning parents about the dangers of using child-friendly devices on social media, saying many are “misleading” and leaving kids vulnerable to cyberbullying.

The government released a new set of guidelines Monday to help parents navigate the evolving world of technology.

The guidelines outline what parents can do to keep their children safe, how to choose what to share on social networks and how to share sensitive information on social platforms.

“Social media has changed the way people communicate with each other,” the guidelines read.

“It’s important that parents know how to protect their children online and that they are responsible for protecting their children.”

The guidelines offer a clear message to parents who use social media to keep tabs on their kids: Be aware.

The advice also encourages parents to be “careful about what you share, as well as how you share it.”

“Children are often the ones who have to decide whether or not they want to share certain information,” the rules read.

“For example, the use of social media can sometimes encourage young people to take action that can be harmful or harmful to themselves or others.”

Parents need to know the guidelines are being updated and the guidelines should be used by parents “to identify inappropriate content, make decisions about how to handle it, and to make sure their children are protected online,” the government said.

“In the long run, we hope these guidelines will help to make social media safer for our kids and parents.”

The rules state that parents should not:Use child-appropriate social media if the content is offensive, inappropriate, or potentially harmful.

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