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Network Access Control News Hikvision is using its own technology to block access to CNN

Hikvision is using its own technology to block access to CNN

HIKVISION, the internet video platform owned by the Swedish television company, has been using its proprietary video encoding technology for over a year, allowing users to access news and other content without the need for a third-party service.

According to HIKVEVISION’s own statistics, about 1 million video views a month are uploaded by users who have subscribed to Hikvision’s service.

In December, the company announced it would use the video-to-audio encryption technology to protect its video content.

HikVision says it will not be using a third party for video-encoding, but it will be using its built-in security technology.

The company says that the encryption technology it has developed allows users to “decrypt and protect their video content in a way that is completely transparent to all viewers, without any need for third parties.”

HikVISION said that its video-decryption technology allows the company to “prevent the user from viewing videos and videos from third parties on the internet, without the user being aware of it.”

It also says that its security technology is “fully compliant with the video content standards.”HIKVision also says its encryption technology will be used by “hundreds of thousands” of users worldwide.HIKVEVEVision has announced that it is developing an encryption technology that will “allow the user to view videos and other video content that is encrypted with a highly secure method.”

This means that users will be able to watch video content they already own on HIKOVISION’s platform without having to access any third-parties.

“Hikvisions technology will enable users to be completely free to access the world of videos,” said Michael Jorgensen, HIKVISION’s chief executive officer.

“The encrypted videos that HIKvisions offers will be available for use on Hikvision’s website and for anyone who has access to the HIKVIDO video platform.”

HIKVS technology will also be used to protect videos that are “not in the public domain” and are not part of a HIKTV video or a HVIDO stream.HIVVISION has said that it will use its own video encoding software for video, but that it would be able turn on video-transcoding features to make video more secure.

The HIVVision site says that it plans to use a new video encoding technique, called HIVVEX, that is based on the same encryption technology as HIV VISION, but will be more flexible in how it can be used.


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