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This Is Xbox’s Controller That Works On Android Without Being A Google Android Controller

Engadgets app The Verge can now reveal that Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is actually Android-compatible, without needing Google’s latest Android device to do so.

This comes just a few weeks after Microsoft confirmed that it’s working on a new Xbox One Android controller, which is expected to debut in 2017.

The controller is also compatible with Android TV, and while Google’s own Android TV is a bit more complicated to configure, the controller itself is surprisingly easy to use.

To do this, you’ll need to use the Google Android SDK, which we previously covered in more detail here.

Once you’ve installed the Android SDK on your device, you’re ready to go.

Plug in your Xbox One, plug in the USB cable, and voila!

It’s ready to use!

You can then access your games from the app, search for your games, and launch the games you want.

It’s a simple interface, and is very easy to configure.

Microsoft’s Android Controller app has been available since December, and it offers a few handy features for you to configure the controller in the comfort of your own home.

For example, you can set up voice commands to launch the app from a specific screen on your Android device, which you can then use to launch games or use a controller as an input device for the Xbox One.

You can also set up a timer for the controller to activate when you want to play a specific game, so you don’t have to constantly switch between the Xbox and Android apps to play.

The Google Android controller also comes with a dedicated app to handle Xbox One functionality, which offers a ton of features.

For instance, the Xbox app can display a notification for new games you’ve played, and the Xbox controller can connect to the Xbox App to share games with friends on Xbox.

This is a huge feature that many people use to quickly share their games to Facebook, or to play games on Steam or Amazon.

If you don: The Google Android app also has a lot of options for your controller.

For example, it offers multiple modes to customize your controller, including an “Xbox Wireless” mode, which allows you to use your controller as a wired Xbox 360 controller, or an “XBox One Wireless” controller.

Both of these modes allow you to turn on and off the Xbox Wireless functionality, and allow you access to Xbox One games via the Xbox Play Anywhere functionality.

You’re also able to customize the color scheme of your controller with a preset color scheme.

Lastly, you also have a “XBOX One Gaming Mode” that allows you more control over the Xbox experience, with a lot more options to control your gaming experience.

You have the ability to set your game to play in a specific area on the TV, adjust your settings for gamepad and mouse inputs, and even set your Xbox Wireless or Xbox One Gaming mode to trigger certain notifications.


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