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Which browsers have the best security? | POLITICO: The Best Web Browser

The new browsers that have emerged in the past couple of years, however, are not the best browsers for security, the authors of a new security research report say.

The new browsers have some key differences from the last major wave of security improvements to Internet browsers.

The most important ones are the use of sandboxing in the browser, which is not available on many old browsers, and browser-specific encryption.

In fact, Chrome and Firefox do not have sandboxing enabled by default.

While Firefox, which has been in Chrome since 2011, is one of the few browser that has sandboxed it, Google Chrome is still not.

“These browsers have different strengths,” said Jason Klamar, director of research at security firm Symantec, which wrote the report.

“I don’t think you’re going to see the same level of security protection as you’ve seen in the last few years, because there’s a lot of new technology and things that aren’t supported in the older browsers.”

For instance, while Chrome supports WebSockets, it doesn’t support SSL.

It does support cookies, but not HTTPS.

And it does support a few other security measures, including a cookie-based “backdoor” that the company says can be used to gain access to users’ data.

While these differences may not be enough to keep you from running into security problems, Klamor said, they do make it easier for attackers to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit.

Klamar also pointed out that many of these new browsers are being built for the web, which means that there’s an increasing amount of data on the web that attackers are able to read.

And they can get access to it, and use it to compromise users’ devices.

“When you’re building a browser, the most important thing is that it’s not just a platform, it’s a platform with a set of security measures,” Klama said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s in the cloud or it’s on your phone or your tablet.

You need to protect that.”

He noted that this is one reason why security experts are working on a new set of browser-based security measures to be added to the upcoming browsers, called “WebRTC” that will allow WebRTC support on browsers that are not yet released.

The browser support is currently only available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

To learn more about the latest security trends, check out our recent story about browser security.


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