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Intel unveils new, faster Intel processors, chips for mobile processors

By By Mike Krieger / Tech Insider Intel has a lot to be proud of this year.

First, Intel is pushing its new Broadwell chips, which are the first mainstream chips Intel has announced in a decade.

The Broadwell CPUs are expected to have an octa-core speed of around 3GHz, which is almost double the speed of the previous generation Broadwell-E chips.

This new processor is going to replace the Broadwell cores that were sold by AMD for around the same price.

The new Broadlands will be built on a 32nm manufacturing process.

That means that the chips are more energy efficient and power-efficient than the previous generations.

And they’re going to be a bit more power-friendly too.

Intel says that the Broadlands processors will have more than twice the power efficiency of the existing chips, and will be capable of up to 40 percent lower power consumption.

And Intel says the new Broadplanes will also have improved graphics performance and better battery life than the existing Broadwell processors.

It’s not clear yet what the Broadplanes are supposed to offer.

The first Broadwell processor, codenamed “Cannonlake,” was released in January and is still being tested.

Intel is still making the Broadlake chips available to users who pre-order the new chips.

But the new Intel chips aren’t available for sale yet, so those of you waiting to see if they’ll be on sale in the coming weeks are out of luck.

So you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get a chance to buy a Broadlake processor.

The chip in question, the Broadland XC530, is also called the XC620.

And you’ll be able to pick up the Broadlaner chip in June for $199.

That chip will come with 4 cores and 3 threads, and it’s expected to be an 8-core processor.

There’s a bit of confusion in the Broadlander-branded Broadwell products as to what Broadlake CPUs are supposed be called.

Some of the Broadlanders have been referred to as Broadwells.

The next-gen Broadwell is expected to arrive sometime in the second half of the year.

But we’ll have a better idea of what the new processors will look like in just a couple of months.

The company will be launching two new chips for laptops, and the Broadfield-based laptops will also get new storage options.

We will get a clearer idea of the performance of the new CPUs later this month.

Intel has said that Broadwell and XC chips will be available on June 28 for $549, and that Broadland processors will cost $399 for $399.

That’s down from $649 and $649.99 for the current Broadwell versions, and up from $549 and $599 for the existing Intel Broadwell models.

Intel also plans to launch a new processor for notebooks, and we’ll know more about that soon.

Intel will be giving out a new Intel Developer Forum on June 15.

The Intel Developer forum is a place where developers can show off new Intel technologies and software, and Intel is giving out the chance to present its latest chips.

It seems that the company is planning to give away some chips at the forum, and some of the chips will have limited availability, so you might have to look for them online.


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