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Network Access Control Training How to use a smart thermostat to control access to your house

How to use a smart thermostat to control access to your house

Phoenix Access Control (PACC) and the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) are taking proactive steps to help owners get to and from their homes with little or no warning.

On Thursday, Phoenix police and the DPS issued an alert for the public to follow local traffic laws to avoid dangerous driving, and to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles.

The Phoenix PD will be posting information on the PACC website, along with the police departments contact information, to ensure citizens are aware of their local traffic rules. 

According to Phoenix police, police officers can also issue a “no entry” order if they feel an intruder is approaching the house.

Phoenix is not the only city where police have started enforcing these policies.

On Thursday, the Oregon City Police Department issued an additional “no access” order for people traveling to the Oregon National Guard Armory.

The Portland Police Bureau is also cracking down on “no entries” in Portland, Oregon. 

In addition to the city of Phoenix, PACC will be issuing the following alerts in addition to Phoenix: No entry from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m., Thursday, May 19 No entries from 6 p.t. to 8 a.d., Thursday No access from 8 p.y.m to 6:30 a.p., Thursday. 

No entrance from 6:45 a.u. to 7 p.u., Thursday  No entry or access from 7:45 p.p.m.-7 a.n., ThursdayThe Arizona Department of Transportation will be enforcing these new rules at its toll plaza in Mesa, Arizona. 

The Arizona Department Highway Patrol is issuing “no entrance” warnings from 5:30 p.r.m-6:30a.m, Thursday, April 29 The National Weather Service has issued an “unexpected road closure” warning for roads in western Arizona.

The National Weather Service will be warning motorists to avoid the areas where weather conditions are expected to become “extreme,” according to the Weather Service.


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