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Network Access Control Training How can you get around NSW roads without using a GPS?

How can you get around NSW roads without using a GPS? The NSW Government says it has introduced new legislation to make it easier for people to get around the state’s roads without GPS.

Key points: The NSW Department of Transport said the changes are meant to make roads safer and more secureMotorists will still need to apply for an Access Control Motor Vehicle permitMotorists won’t need to have a valid GPS licenceMotorists who don’t have an Access Permit won’t be allowed to use their mobile phone in NSW without a permitMotorist who uses GPS won’t require a permit for their GPS to function.

The legislation has been passed by the NSW Legislative Council, but the legislation won’t go into effect until April.

The NSW Government said the new legislation would make NSW roads safer, more secure and allow for more mobile use of the roads, which currently rely on drivers using their phones.

It said it would also allow motorists to apply to have their GPS licences cancelled and to get a GPS licence removed.

NSW Roads Minister John Rau said the Government had listened to community concerns and would continue to listen to the feedback on the proposal.

“This legislation is intended to make NSW Roads safer and will allow more mobile usage on NSW Roads,” he said.

A mobile phone is not required for people using their GPS device to use the roads.

Mr Rau added that while GPS is now mandatory, it was not required.

In recent years, the Government has introduced legislation to allow people to operate their own GPS devices on the roads if they have permission from the Department of Roads.

Motorists could also apply for a GPS permit and be able to use a mobile phone while driving without the need to hold an Access Restriction Motor Vehicle licence.

The NSW Department said that in most circumstances, GPS devices would not be required on NSW roads.

However, there were a few exceptions, such as during a search for missing persons.

Motorists can also apply to change their GPS licence to allow them to use GPS devices while driving in certain conditions.

The change to the NSW Access Control Regulations will apply to GPS licences issued before the legislation takes effect.

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